You are Invited to a Book Study!


Our Made for Learning book study is now full! If you are interested in future book studies please fill out this brief form.


We are pleased to announce an exciting professional development opportunity! Join us for, Literacy Pages: The Book Study. This 5-part series features the text, Made for Learning: How the Conditions of Learning Guide Teaching Decisions, by Debra Crouch and Brian Cambourne. You can read our previous post about this book here. As a participant in Literacy Pages: The Book Study, you’ll even get the chance to meet the authors!

Please see the invitation below and register by April 20, 2021 to get an in depth look at the Conditions of Learning and the Processes that Empower Learning. While this text focuses primarily on literacy, the Conditions and Processes are applicable to all areas of education. We highly recommend this text for every educator. Sign up now!

~Gen & Rhonda

We believe in the theory presented in this text and wish to share it with all educators. We are in no way receiving compensation from the authors or publisher.

4 thoughts on “You are Invited to a Book Study!

  1. Jenifer Dugdale

    May I ask why the book study is full if it is offered via Zoom?

    Also, please let me know if I can get on a waiting list. I am interested in using the information in this book for new teachers in our district.


    1. Hi Jenifer,

      There are two reasons for a cap on attendance. The first is that the organic, “book club” conversations that lead to a deeper understanding of the text are difficult with an unlimited number of people on Zoom. The second reason is that our Zoom account, which we pay for ourselves, allows only for a limited number of participants.

      We are delighted that you would like to use this book for new teachers. Please fill out this brief form to be put on a waiting list:
      We can also send you the information to follow along asynchronously via Canvas. Let us know if you are interested in that option and we will use the email you supply in the above form.

      Thank you for your interest and understanding!



  2. Kimberly Robertson

    I am registered for the book study and just received my book. I’m looking for the chapters to be discussed at each session. Can you please provide that?


    1. Hi Kimberly,
      We will start with chapters 1-3 at the first session on May 4th. A detailed schedule for all sessions and other important information will be emailed to everyone who registered next week.


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