Make Professional Learning a Priority

Teachers attend a multitude of meetings each school year some of which include: Faculty meetings Professional Learning Communitunity meetings Support Team Meetings Professional Development sessions Conferences Grade level/Content area meetings Despite the many meetings, there does not seem to be a lot of time designated to digging in deep and learning with colleagues.  Regie Routman, …

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How to Inspire a Love for Learning

I am excited to participate in Reading By Example's  summer book club.  We are reading Literacy Essentials:  Engagement, Excellence, and Equity for All Learners by Regie Routman.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two thought-provoking posts: How do we Create a Community of Readers   written by Matt Renwick Agency in the Classroom written by Ryanne Deschane …

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Self-Monitoring: Who’s Finding the Errors?

Students who are reading below grade level commonly struggle with self-monitoring their own reading.  They read along not cross-checking one type of information against another and are oblivious to the errors they have made. It is essential that we teach for self-monitoring to help students notice their incorrect responses starting with the very earliest levels. …

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