Independent Reading: The Basics

I recently had the pleasure of reading No More Independent Reading Without Support, from the Not this, But That series, written by Debbie Miller and Barbara Moss. One thing that really stood out to me about this book is the powerful punch it packs in just 87 pages. The focus of this post is on …

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Reading Recovery: The Importance of Notetaking

Lesson records are a vital piece of our planning during a Reading Recovery series of lessons. In her article, What Do Lesson Records Have to Do with Effective Reading Recovery Teaching?, Sharan Gibson explains that the purpose of lesson records is "to ensure that our instruction is tailored to each student's needs" (p. 24). Detailed and …

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Growing Known Writing Vocabulary

Supporting the growth of our students' writing vocabulary sets the stage for a greater chance of accelerated progress and future success after being discontinued from Reading Recovery. One reason a strong writing vocabulary is important is that it helps to boost a child's reading vocabulary. These known words also lend themselves to links for the …

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