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Hi!  I am a literacy specialist teaching in upstate New York.  I have been teaching for more than 20 years.  I have taught Kindergarten and 2nd grade and I am also a trained Reading Recovery teacher.  My year in training was eye-opening for me and by far the best professional development I have ever had.  While working as a Reading Recovery teacher/literacy specialist I have also been,  a literacy coach and an instructional coach.  I am a National Board Certified teacher who learned a lot from going through the certification process and encourage others to go for it! I feel very blessed that I get to go to work and spend my days doing something that I love!

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Genevieve (Gen)

Greetings! I am a literacy trainer at the Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Before joining the Center, I spent nearly 18 years as a certified literacy specialist in a public school district in Western New York. During my time there, I worked with many children, teachers, and administrators in a variety of grade levels to deepen understandings of literacy acquisition as a Reading Recovery teacher, classroom teacher, literacy coach, and staff developer. Designing dynamic professional development opportunities for high quality literacy instruction has always been my passion!