My Reflection on An Innovator’s Mindset

Recently I attended a PD session on Embracing Your Inner George.  Are you thinking the same thing I was when I read the title of the session? huh? Then I read the description: "@gcouros encourages teachers and administrators to empower learners to wonder, to explore, and become forward-thinking leaders. You'll be inspired to respond to …

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Writing ELA Curriculum with Multiple Resources: 7 steps to get you started

In the primary grades, we often draw from multiple resources that we use to teach our students to read and write. Of course, we know the best approaches follow the individual students' needs, so what is a teacher to do for curriculum? And what about Common Core standards? How do they fit with this individualized approach? These days we are under increasing scrutiny to provide evidence that students are receiving standardized instruction. So how do we translate responsive instruction into curriculum?

Clay’s Observation Survey: A Tool to Guide Early Literacy Teaching

As a Reading Recovery teacher, I use the Observation Survey to help select which students I will be servicing for each round of Reading Recovery.  The Observation Survey is not a tool just for Reading Recovery teachers. The Observation Survey is for teachers who want to be "careful observers" of how children learn to read …

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Ish: The importance of honoring all attempts

Written by Gen A recent trip to the children's section of the public library awakened the memory of something that I feel is one of the most important ideas put forth by Marie Clay: honor a child's attempt. A "wrong" answer can be frustrating for any teacher, especially when you feel you've worked on a particular …

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My Favorite Back-to-School Read Alouds

There are many things that I miss about having my own classroom.  One of the things I miss the most is planning for my back-to-school read alouds.  Read alouds are a great way to build classroom community as your students share the experience with you and each other.  I think it's important to establish a daily …

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