Chat With Us!

Join us for a Twitter chat to wrap up Literacy Pages: The Series on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 7:30-8:30 pm EST. The pre-chat begins at 7:00pm! We want to know your thoughts about the the strategic actions that support accelerated learning and self-extending systems that we have posted about over the last few months. Continue reading to preview the questions.

Preview the questions before the chat:

  1. Strategies alone will not allow the student to read independently unless the child has developed an in-the-head network of strategic processing. What is the difference between strategies and strategic actions? 
  2. Self-monitoring is an integral reading behavior needed by students to make continuous progress and demonstrate accelerated learning. How can we support our students with taking on the role of monitoring with independence?
  3. A teacher’s response to the errors of a child who has neglected to search will either assist or restrict a child’s learning of efficient problem-solving. How can we support searching with independence throughout the parts of a lesson? 
  4. It is important to build upon our students’ oral language for continued progress in reading and writing. In what ways can we develop a child’s understanding of, and flexibility with, language structures during our lessons?
  5. The definition of integrating: to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning, or unified whole. What does this mean to you in the context of a child’s reading program? 
  6. Setting the stage for discovery allows students to feel a sense of ownership for their learning. How can we work creatively to engage our students in experiences that inspire new learning discoveries?
  7. Clay calls on us to be tentative and flexible as we take note of what sources of information a child is using and what they are neglecting. How can we ensure that we are being led by the child and not our assumptions?
  8. Rereading to confirm is one visible piece of evidence that students are asking themselves, “Was I right?” How might our language convey the importance of the purpose of rereading? 

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