Classroom Reveal: My Reading Room

I feel lucky that, for now, I have a decent size reading room.  I share half of a classroom with our school’s ELL teacher.  It is a great match to have a reading teacher and ELL teacher together.  We learn a lot from each other!  My room is set up to accommodate the students I see for LLI as well as my Reading Recovery students.  I use pictures, lamps, and plants to make my room feel inviting. At the beginning of the year, I try to leave some wall areas clear, so that I can display shared/interactive writing pieces and independent writing pieces throughout the year.


My Reading Recovery student files are in the filing cabinet.  All of my professional books are on the first shelf.  I store school supplies like glue, sharpies, erasers, white correction tape, etc. on the second shelf. Lastly, I store my Reading Recovery books on the last shelf.

LLIbook storage.jpg

I recently received these LLI materials to store in my room.  I plan on decorating the back of the shelf with writing from my students.


On these shelves, I keep some of our black and white copies from LLI.  In the smaller red bins I have my favorite picture books.  I still have to label all of these bins.  My desk supplies like tape, staples, paper clips, and such are in the black 4-drawer container.


This is the clearest my desk will be all year!  I am actually switching the table out soon for my childhood desk.  I keep an extra comfy adult chair in the corner for adults to use when I have meetings in my room.


Here is where I work with my students.


This is where I house my lesson planning materials and materials needed for lessons.  This area is a work in progress as we assess students and figure out our caseload.

I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek at my classroom!



I moved in my new desk this weekend and wanted to share how it looks.





After Paint:


Updated Room View:


I’m loving the homey feel of the desk!  What do you think?


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