Most Valued Virtual Resources: Teaching Reading Groups or 1:1 Reading Lessons

Like many other educators, being thrown into the world of virtual teaching sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. Teaching in “emergency mode” and making sure that my own two children were doing okay emotionally and academically was challenging to say the least. Now that the school year has come to an end and I have time to reflect on the experience, I am able to more clearly see what I learned through teaching virtually. Much of what I learned to do as a virtual educator is closely related to what I would typically do if I was teaching in my classroom.

Innovative Thinking


I have been gathering resources to help strengthen my virtual reading lessons whether I am teaching a small group or teaching one-to-one. I thought that others might be interested to see what I have collected so far.


In this post, Kelsey Sorum, reminds us to think about practices that do the most good and the least harm when it comes to communication with families, virtual meetings, and remote instruction.

Do the Most Good and the Least Hard During Remote Instruction

Best Practices in Reading

This is a great article by Russ Walsh on how to apply the best practices that we know are effective with students to a virtual environment.

Reading Instruction at a Distance: Read Aloud, Read Along, Read Alone, Read Again


I found Pioneer Valley’s online Reading Assessment to be a quick and easy way to find an instructional level for a student. Students start by reading high frequency words which then determines what reading level that the assessment will begin with. The teacher takes a running record and then asks the student a few comprehension questions.

Leveled Reading Assessment (Pioneer Valley)

Leveled E-Books

These are my favorite go-to leveled electronic books. At the time of the closure I could access many of these books for free, but I am sure that they will most likely transition back to pay for use books.

Fountas & Pinnell Online Resources


Pioneer Valley Bookbuilder Online

Pioneer Valley Literacy Footprints Digital Reader

Small Group Reading Instruction

These videos helped me to re-envision small group reading instruction in the virtual world.

Make a Document Camera Using Your Phone – Easy DIY Zoom Instructions

Small-Group Literacy Instruction at a Distance (Nell Duke)

Webinar: Teaching Emergent Guided Reading Lessons Remotely (Pioneer Valley)

Webinar: Teaching Early Guided Reading Lessons Remotely (Pioneer Valley)

Webinar: Teaching Transitional Guided Reading Lessons Remotely (Pioneer Valley)

Webinar: Meeting the Challenges: Teaching Reading Remotely with Digital Books (Pioneer Valley)

Word Work

The following resources helped me to think about what my word work might look like. In addition to these resources, I found Microsoft Whiteboard to be a useful and easy-to-use tool.

Word Work at a Distance (Nell Duke)

My Webcam: A game changer for my distance learning literacy lessons (Dr. Sam Bommarito)

I plan to update this post regularly to add more resources. If there is something valuable that I missed please feel free to share in the comments section below.

*I am not affiliated with any of the above resources.  


If you are looking for any read aloud websites/apps I have started a list below:

Storyline Online




App where kids can read leveled texts:




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