Thank You Post: New Resources Page

Dear Readers,

This month marks our one year anniversary for our blog Literacy Pages. We would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have read our posts, liked our posts, left comments, joined our Literacy Pages Facebook group, followed us on Twitter @LiteracyPages and encouraged us along the way. We look forward to another great year of blogging, having great discussions with you all, and making new educator friends.

What’s new?

To make our blog more user-friendly we have added two new pages that we hope you will find helpful. You will find tabs at the top of the page for quick access to:

What’s coming?

We have some in-depth posts in the works on literacy interventions for students with learning disabilities, exiting roaming at higher text levels, and looking at the levels of analysis for running records.

What are your interests?

We would love it if you could let us know what topics you are interested in reading more about. What literacy areas are you curious about? In which areas are you working on? Do you have literacy goals that we could support? Please write any and all suggestions in the comment section below.

Thank you again for your support!

Rhonda & Gen

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