8 Thoughts of Thanksgiving 

We want to take some time to pause during the start of this hectic holiday season and reflect on how grateful we are for so many things in our professional lives.

Knowledgeable Teacher Leaders

The greatest resource to a teacher trained in Reading Recovery is the teacher leader. We have been honored to be trained by the best, both past and present.

Supportive Colleagues

There is no greater feeling than learning and growing alongside of dedicated colleagues who value the reading lives of our students.

Reading Recovery

Continuing Contact and Behind the Glass sessions stretch our thinking and keep us on the cutting edge.  Reading Recovery colleagues are always there to offer support along the way.

Literacy For All 2017

A powerful learning experience with so many knowledgeable presenters and participants from all over the world.

Guided Reading Book Club

Who doesn’t love spending time with people who ask hard questions and inspire deep thinking?

Twitter Chats

Professional Learning Networks expose you to what’s going on outside of your own school district.  #rrchat and #FPliteracy are favorites.


Our students, no matter how difficult, come to us in the most vulnerable state: lacking confidence, knowledge, and understanding. They have habituated poor reading behaviors, and often do not even see themselves as learners or readers. Each one writes upon our slates as teachers, changing who we are for the benefit of future students to come.


We are so very thankful for the readers who take the time to read about what we have to say and who contribute to the conversation. We want to unite teachers in their missions to make children’s literate lives better, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the readers who support us. Please let us know the literacy topics that you want to hear more about, because this blog is for you!


Rhonda & Gen

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